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Lotus, American (Nelumbo lutea), packet of 7 seeds

American Lotus (Yanquapin) (Nelumbo lutea)
Water plant native to the Eastern US and Canada and hardy to - 50 degrees F.  Ponds that do not freeze on the bottom are probably more likely to sustain good populations of this plant through the winter, but it is nonetheless extremely cold hardy, especially in comparison to its Asian counterpart (Nelumbo nucifera).  This is the largest native american wildflower, with leaves that reach to 2 feet and large yellow flowers on tall stalks that rise handsomely above the water surface.  Plant prefers still, shallow water with a mud bottom.  To sprout the seeds, rub through the seedcoat with sandpaper until the white endosperm is just exposed.  Then drop seed in a gallon jar of water placed indoors in a light, warm windowsill. When water becomes cloudy, replace it with clear water.  It is really good to replace the water daily, in fact, but if you forget, or have to go to the coast for the weekend, or to a conference on poodle grooming, then its not that big a deal--let it ride--the seeds will be fine. Germination is within 2 weeks. After the seedling produces its first lily pads, transplant to the pond.  Make sure the roots are firmly anchored in the mud at the bottom of the pond.  If the lily pad ends up under the surface of the water, it is probably not a problem.  New pads will be sent out and will reach the surface.

7 seeds per packet $4.95, open pollinated

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