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Gopher Spurge (Euphorbia lathyris), packet of 10 seeds

Family:  Spurge (Euphorbiaceae)
(Mole Plant, Caper Spurge, Gopher Plant, Paper Spurge, Petroleum Plant)
Hardy to -15 degrees F
Erect evergreen biennial (sometimes annual, sometimes perennial) to 3 feet tall.  Native to the Mediterranean basin as well as SW Asia and W China and widely grown in gardens.  The plant is considered to be an invasive weed by some authorities, but most gardeners will grow it without fear.  It is a fascinating plant!  First and foremost, do be careful with all parts of this plant, which are filled with an acrid latex that will burn skin and eyes and cause great intestinal irritation if ingested.  Wash hands after handling the plant, especially if the latex gets on your hands.  If the latex gets in your eyes, then flush eyes immediately with a copious stream of fresh milk. Beyond the cautions, this is a really handsome, interesting and potentially useful plant.  The erect stem bears opposite pairs of lance-shaped leaves colored intensely blue-green.  The flowers are yellow, giving way to the sectioned pods that hold the seeds. The plant is supposed to discourage moles and gophers in the garden.  I'm not so sure about this, as I've grown it many times and it doesn't seem to work.  Once I made a raised bed and trenched around it and placed in the trench the fresh pl;ants of gopher spurge, and this did indeed keep that bed free of gopher activity.  But that was a lot of futzing around.  One would hope that by growing one of these in the ciorner of the garden that gophers and moles would stay away completely, but this is not my experience.  Mainly, I grow it for the visual interest.  Also known as the"Petroleum Plant," Nobel Laureate Melvin Calvin has suggested that the latex of this plant can be readily converted to a hydrocarbon fuel resembling gasoline, with a potential yield of 10 barrels per acre.  The plant prefers full sun to part shade and does fine in regular garden soil or poor soil.  It is quite drought tolerant.  Sow seed in the spring, in pots or directly in the garden.  Cover with 1/2 inch of soil, tamp firmly and keep warm and moist until germination, which occurs in 1 to 6 weeks.  10 seeds per packet, open pollinated 

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