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Comfrey, Russian Live Root Cutting (Bocking 14 Cultivar), 1 root bag, organic

Bocking 14 cultivar of Russian Comfrey (Symphytum x uplandicum) --The roots and leaves contain the valuable cell-proliferant allantoin. Salve speeds healing quite noticeably. Contains PAs. By popular vote here at Horizon Herbs, the most useful medicinal plant in our entire garden (see my book "Making Plant Medicine" for more on this).  Besides making medicine from the dried root, we use the leaves for curing our goats of any intestinal ailment, which as you may know intestinal ailments can often prove fatal to goats. Furthermore, we have great results making the fresh leaves into biodynamic tea, which we apply to our plants in a pot to increase vitality, growth, and to green up all those leaves! Excellent ingredient for compost piles--fresh leaves compost fast and make a nitrogen-rich compost!  Organic, farm-derived, vegetarian and free of cost.

How do I plant it?  You take the cutting out of the bag of moist coir and plant it with the roots down in the ground and the crown up toward the light.  Firm the soil around the cutting and bury the crown just below the soil surface--it will soon send shoots into the light.  Water it after you transplant it.  Comfrey is not only a cell proliferant to human or animal tissue, it is a cell proliferant to its OWN tissue, so it will grow agreeably fast.  If you get several cuttings, plant them from 1 to 2 feet apart, in regular garden soil, in the full sun to part shade.  Comfrey will suffer if it gets too dry, so water it weekly, at least.  Plant anytime ground can be worked.  Comfrey is shipped in all seasons, so please wait to order until your ground is prepared, or be ready with soil and pots if your ground is frozen. 

Can I plant it in a pot?  Comfrey doesn't do well in pots for an extended period, but it will survive in a pot for awhile.   Don't overwater, and keep the plant in the light and give it sandy soil mixed with compost in a gallon or larger pot.  It will try to send a root out the drainage hole of the pot and find some real dirt. 

What's the difference between this plant and true comfrey (Symphytum officinalis)? The Bocking 14 cultivar of Russian Comfrey (Symphytum x uplandicum) is a sterile hybrid that will not self-seed and is extremely robust and vigorous.  The true comfrey (Symphytum officinalis) is a bit less vigorous of a grower, has more elongated leaves and (I think) prettier flowers, and does indeed make seed.  Although both types of comfrey (Russian and True) are useful for making medicine and making compost, in an ideal world one would use the bocking cultivar for producing large amounts of biomass for permaculture gardens, composting, and animal feed, and one would use the true comfrey (Symphytum officinalis) for medicinal purposes.  Again, both types (and other species as well) are used interchangeably in agriculture and in medicine. 

Veterinary use of comfrey: Fresh comfrey leaf contains about 20% protein and is excellent livestock food.  Because it is hairy alot of goats/cows etc won't like it so thats an issue.  You can dry it and rub it through a coarse screen and add the herb to feed or you can mash or rub the fresh leaves and then they don't feel hairy and most animals will then relish them.  You can also mash and mix with molasses, which is good.  Another point is that perfectly healthy goats may turn up their noses to comfrey but sick goats will eat comfrey as if it was one of their other favorite foods--fir bark, green hardwood leaves, some kinds of grasses or clovers, broccoli plants, celery, parsley, lovage, the labels from soup cans, grandpa's cotton underwear... Comfrey treats scours, the usual stomach ailments, broken limbs, but not infections such as mastitis.    If your goats however go COSTIVE then you truly have a problem and comfrey isn't going to fix it.  What I mean by costive is fully unable to poop and starting to bloat and letting out little plaintive cries--the goat will be dead in 2 days unless you get their bowels moving--Call a vet. 

We ship Comfrey during all seasons, so if you do not want the roots delivered within normal turnaround (1 to 2 weeks) then please specify your preferred shipping date.  Use the "customer comments" field at checkout.

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