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Lifeline Medicinal Herb Garden, (18 seed packets), organic

Pretty regularly gardening friends tell us that they are a bit overwhelmed by trying to choose among the rare, common, aromatic, smelly, ponderous, piddly, floriferous, leafy, weedy, picky, poisonous, nutritious, sour, sweet, bitter, toothsome, fruity, barren, hard, soft, stemmy, creeping, rooty, viny, night-blooming, day-blooming and just blooming CONFUSING medicinal herb seeds and plants that we offer. One evening Mayche and I were taking a stroll in the gardens. I took her elbow and guided her between the evening primroses with their yellow, mucilaginous blooms and the burdock, with its velcroed seedheads ready to burst into genetic infinity. A dragonfly swooped by, while a striped pheonix moth unfolded its inch-long proboscis into a waiting garden sage flower. In the sky, an amorphous white cloud was illuminated from behind by the setting sun, superimposed against the darkening blue of the heavens. Inspired by this tiny set of events, or perchance listening subliminally to the chattering of the plants themselves, we began to discuss putting together a set of herb seeds that would embody the foundation for a diverse medicinal garden that would contribute to every aspect of health and well-being, and making this set of seeds available to people at a very low cost, so that more would find it possible to buy them and realize the benefits. That way, our gardening friends wouldn’t have to choose. We would choose for them. “Let’s call it the LIFELINE garden,” said Mayche. “Its like throwing people a lifeline to bring them back to health.” “I like it,” I said. Then Mayche (ever the shopper) said, “And, its like lifeline pricing at the co-op, where they sell organically grown stuff like brown rice, potatoes, and dried beans for just over cost, to make sure that everybody has enough to eat. “OK,” I said. So here it is, folks, the LIFELINE medicinal herb garden. 100% USDA certified organic seeds from our garden to yours. You can’t find them fresher. I even had to harvest and winnow the yarrow while Mayche waited, in order to construct the first set.
There are 18 packets in all, packed in earth-friendly recycled paper and cellophane, under our colorful sprouting herbseeds logo: Astragalus, Holy Basil (Kapoor Tulsi), Gobo Burdock, Mixed Calendula, German Chamomile, Echinacea purpurea, Elecampane, Evening Primrose, Brown Flax, Lemon Balm, Marshmallow, Official Motherwort, Stinging Nettles, Cayenne Pepper, Garden Sage, Official Valerian, Wood Betony and Yarrow. Available to you barely over our cost. And, you don’t have to choose.

Fall 2012:
"I had a friend introduce me to your business from a catalog he had requested. I was immediately intrigued by the wide selection of plant strains that are mostly unheard of where I live in central Arkansas. I ordered the "lifeline" package you guys have and I have never been so pleased with a purchase or quality of seed. My germination with your seeds was so prolific that I gave many seedlings away after transplanting the ones I wanted. Now that it is summer we are experiencing an early drought and the quality of your strains prove themselves again by thriving in the heat producing beautiful medicinally packed blooms, leaves, and fruits. I cant wait to see the excellent yield from the root crops next year and I now have a place to direct people who want nothing but reliable, high quality seeds to enrich their lives and gardens. It has been nothing but an absolute pleasure to find you guys and to continue growing the well loved plant strains that you have so carefully tended to. You truly are making the world a greener place and thats a wonderful thing. 
Your new life customer,       

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