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Chinese Herbal Medicine (3rd Edition) book

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Chinese Herbal Medicine by Dan Bensky
This is the standard reference on Chinese materia medica, listing 530 medicinal substances. Careful study of this book provides a deep pathway to understanding traditional Chinese herbalism. Herbs are grouped in chapters by function, integrated with the actions and indications in such a way that this book really provides an unparalleled perspective.  There is much information here on preparation of the raw herbs, too, which is certainly of interest to any growers of Chinese medicinal herbs.  The book features botanical line drawings of great clarity, but it is not so much about the PLANTS as it is about the MEDICINES. This is the greatly expanded third edition, with about 2 times the information of the old Bensky. It costs more, but the new edition is worth it.   

1,311  pages, hard cover

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