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Spikenard, Eastern (Aralia racemosa), packet of 30 seeds

(Menominee Blood Medicine, Life-of-Man, Petty Morel, American Spikenard)
Family:  Ginseng (Araliaceae)
Herbaceous perennial native to the Eastern US and hardy to -30 degrees F.  A comely plant, with large compound leaves and upright clusters of red berries.  Much used by the Native Americans, the root was considered a blood purifying spring tonic.  Native lore indicates use as an antidote to blood poisoning; stomachic, analgesic and antitussive; also effective as a poultice to treat wounds, lesions and swellings. Plant prefers rich, moist soils and part to full shade.  Seed requires an extended period of cold, moist stratification in outdoor conditions before it will sprout.  Sow in fall, midwinter or very early spring, with germination in the spring as the soil warms up.  A 90 day period of cold, moist refrigeration may yield some results, but is usually not as effective as planting in the shade house or cold greenhouse and letting the oscillating cycles and (if possible) natural snowfall and cold rain prepare the seeds for germination.  Work up seedlings in gallon pots and plant out to landscape once they are well established.  Space plants 2 to 3 feet apart.  30 seeds/pkt Open Pollinated

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