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Violet, Sweet (Viola odorata), packet of 50 seeds, organic

(Sweet Violet)
Spreading perennial groundcover, fully frost hardy and preferring moist soils in the shade or part sun. This is a German cultivar with light blue flowers that emit the delicate, singular and delightful scent of violets, which in full bloom wafts fleetingly across the garden, there for those of epic nose to know, not to pick, nor to blow, but as pretty as snow, and much bluer. Medicinally, violets have been employed since the middle ages for treating oral maladies, from bad breath to mouth cancer. One good word to describe its activity is "resolvent" in that it will lessen the swelling of oral maladies like sore throat, tonsillitis or cancer.  A gentle children’s cough syrup can be made from the plant.  The dried leaf of high quality may be obtained by careful scissoring in the field followed by a quick dehydration on screens in positive airflow and with a little heat.  The herb has been used historically for treating oral lesions, both cancerous and benign (although I have trouble seeing how any lesions are really benign).  Anyway the herb is a very powerful saponin-based alterative.  And smells lovely. The germination of violet seed is a fairly long affair.  Seed sown in the fall will germinate in the spring.  Maintain flat in cool, shady conditions.  Seed sown in the early spring may germinate later in the spring, or it may take until the following spring (12 months, more or less) to come up.  I find them to be rewarding germinators, but if you want fast results, then it is better to start with plants. 
Organically grown 50 seeds/pkt.

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