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Unicorn, False (Chamaelirium luteum), packet of 30 seeds

Unicorn, False (False Unicorn, Helonias Root, Star Grub Root, Devil's Bit, Blazing Star, Starwort)
Chamaelirium luteum syn. Helonias dioica, Helonias lutea
Family:  Lily (Liliaceae)
Hardy to:  -30 degrees F
Herbaceous dioecious evergreen forest-dwelling perennial.  Native to the central and eastern hardwood forests of North America.  Rare and in many places extirpated.  The flowers occur in long spikes that curve and dip like graceful fairy wands.  The dried root is the most famous of all uterine tonics.  Plant prefers moist shade, acid soils.  Sow seed in acid soil in the fall, midwinter or very early spring.  Use outdoor nursery bed technique or flats or pots left in the shadehouse or unheated greenhouse.  They are slow and steady germinators. Transplant is difficult due to hairlike root system.  Do your best, use a very acid mix, and after transplant, give them a cool, dark and moist rest.  They will eventually kick in and expand.  Transplant in autumn to their permanent location, best in shade garden or woodland, deeply mulched with rotted leaves.   Open Pollinated 30 seeds/pkt.

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