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Sage, Dan-shen miltiorrhiza (Salvia miltiorrhiza), packet of 30 seeds, organic

(Tan-shen or Dan-shen, Chinese Red Sage, sometimes misspelled multiorrhiza)
Family:  Mint (Lamiaceae)
Hardiness:  to 10 degrees F
Herbaceous perennial native to Manchuria.  This is the official species.  Source of the molecule known as tanshinone.  One of the best circulation enhancing herbs.  Known as a non-enervating stimulant, it improves blood flow to the extremities without compromising the adrenals.  Helps move stuck blood as in atherosclerosis or menstrual woes.  I went to a conference where a well-known practitioner of acupuncture said, "This is my favorite Chinese herb and everyone should be taking it."   Although my opinion varies somewhat from this statement, still I consider Dan-shen to be an excellent herb for addressing poor circulation issues and also for prevention of stroke, even in individuals who are at high risk of stroke or who have already endured one of these frightening and often debilitating episodes.  Finally, the herb itself is comely, and the roots, as shown in the photo I took for the webpage, look like veins, being bright red, and are an obvious signature of the herb's activity.  Excellent choice for herb gardens throughout the temperate north and a show plant for sure.  Sow in fast-draining soil in the full sun.  Gratifyingly easy germinator--sow in spring and work up in pots before transplanting to the landscape.  Mulch heavily to overwinter, unless you're in Santa Barbara...
30 seeds/pkt., Certified Organically Grown

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