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Moonwort (Lunaria biennis), packet of 10 seeds, organic

Syn. Lunaria annua
(Moonwort, Honesty, Moneyplant, Moonwort, Penny Flower, Silver Dollar, Satinflower)
Family:  Mustard (Brassicaceae)
Self-seeding overwintering annual or biennial flower to 2 feet, native to Northern Europe and hardy to -20 degrees F.  The plant has naturalized itself in gardens throughout the world, and is a favorite, given the surprising brilliancy of its mauve, spring flowers and the moon-like seed pods with their mother of pearl radiance, so commonly used in dried decorations.  It is easy to get these started in your garden, and once started, they are unlikely to ever be absent!  Simply strew the seeds on the flower bed in the moist, part shade and they will soon germinate and grow quickly into handsome flowers.  Best to sow in fall or very early spring.  The plant is appreciated mostly for the abovementioned beautiful attributes, but it is also edible.  You can eat the seeds, which are mustard-like, or you can eat the root, or use the flowers in salads. 
10 seeds/pkt., Certified organically grown

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