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Marigold, Mexican (Tagetes minuta), packet of 100 seeds, organic

(Nematocidal Marigold, Mexican Marigold, Huacatay)
Annual.  105 to 120 days to maturity.  This is the tallest of marigolds I have grown, reaching as high as 10 feet, and also has the smallest flowers. The herb is an important medicinal, used in Mexico as a tea of the dried leaves and flowers for treating the common cold. It contains thiophenes which have proven antiviral effect. Probably also an important herb for treating influenza. The dried leaves are alse used as an aromatic and harmless tea, and as a culinary spice. The herb also attracts myriads of beneficial insects, although it does take 105 to 120 days to reach maturity. The roots of this plant secrete thiophenes into the soil, compounds that repel pathogenic nematodes--it is very effective and very famous for doing this. A great companion plant for most vegetables, Marigold is not a good companion plant for legumes.  Main source of essential oil of tagates, used extensively in the perfume industry.  Mexican marigold prefers regular garden soil and a full sun exposure, little water.
100 seeds/pkt., Certified Organically Grown

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