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Indigo, Wild (Baptisia tinctoria), packet of 10 seeds

Indigo, Wild (Baptisia tinctoria) (Wild Indigo) seeds
Family:  Fabaceae

Leguminous bush with leathery leaves and bright yellow flowers with distinctive black wings.  Native to the American Southeastern seaboard and Southern states.  Hardy to -20 degrees F.  Rare, and among all the indigos, official.  Seedpods decorative, blue-black.  Blue dye-plant.  Ingredient in the Hoxsey anticancer formula and in fact a very old remedy often prescribed by the Eclectics for treating any condition accompanied by red, swollen mucous membranes.  Plant prefers full sun and dry or gravelly soil.  Scarify seed vigorously, soak overnight and plant in warm conditions, fast-draining soil. 10
seeds/pkt, open-pollinated

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