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Cancer Bush (Sutherlandia frutescens), packet of 20 seeds

Syn. Lessertia frutescens
Family:  Fabaceae
Protect from frost. Woody perennial native to South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Luckily for us who live in the temperate north, this plant does reasonably well in containerized culture and tends to not get too big.  In the wild, the plant can become quite woody and reaches a height of 3 feet. 
With its loose sprays of compound, gray-green leaves and large, showy, bright scarlet flowers followed by bladder-like inflated seedpods, Cancer Bush is in high demand as a horticultural oddity and decorative garden plant. Cancer Bush is an old Cape remedy used by the Khoi and Nama peoples as a bitter tonic and a general panacea against colds, influenza, chicken pocks, diabetes, varicosities, piles, inflammations, liver issues, backache and rheumatism.  The dried leaves and stems of the plant, made into a tincture or decoction, are used for treating internal cancers.  Source of canavanine, which may be responsible for the antitumour effects.  Plant prefers full sun and dry to mesic, very well-drained soils.  We use Cactus mix in order to keep plants from getting yucky, which can happen if they are maintained in cool, moist conditions.  This is a plant of the full sun, and will do best when given a sunny, warm exposure, protected from dew and puddling water.  The plant is quite drought tolerant--when in doubt, don't water. Thoroughly scarify each seed by rubbing on medium grit sandpaper, then sow in warm soil.  Barely cover and keep barely moist and in the light.  Germ in 10 to 30 days, and ongoing (see extra seedling coming up in photo).  Individuate seedlings and pot up singly, then transplant outdoors (if you live in a suitable area, that is) to a spacing of 2 to 3 feet apart.  20 seeds/pkt., Open Pollinated

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