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Calendula, Orange (Calendula officinalis), packet of 50 seeds, organic

(Orange Calendula)
Family:  Asteracea
Annual.  40 to 50 days to maturity.  Native to southern Europe.  Calendula flowers are the premier antiseptic and healing agent when made into salve, succus, tincture, or simply masticated and applied to the injury.  Inhibits inflammation, promotes formation of granulation tissue in wounds.  The flowers, when boiled, yield a bright yellow-orange dye. Sow the seed directly in the garden in the spring, or grow as a container plant. Space plants 6 inches apart.  This strain produces predominantly orange flowers, measuring up to 3 inches in diameter. They are exceptionally pretty, and make excellent medicine.  In fact, we prefer to grow this cultivar for dried calendula flowers used for making the infused oil and the tincture--they are very rich in the flavonoids that help make Calendula such a good antiinflammatory.
 It is easy to gain attachment for different types of Calendula, because they tend to elicit positive emotions and memories of summer days skittered by like clouds in a rainwashed sky, but truth be told this one is my favorite.  Yellow, well, yellow is mellow, but so well represented that it becomes a bit cliche.  But orange, now orange, it is a taste we never grow tired of, acceptable even to children, and as a color it meets similarly universal appeal.  Maybe because its the color of the rising sun.
50 seeds/pkt., Certified Organcially Grown

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