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Calamus (Acorus calamus var. americanus), packet of 100 seeds

(Sweet Flag, Rights What's Wrong Herb, Acorus americanus, Acorus calamus var. americanus)
Family:  Arum (Araceae)
Hardy to -30 degrees F
Perennial monocot--a water plant.  Our cultivar is a low beta asarone strain originally from the northern prairie states.  This plant was widely disseminated and naturalized into many new environs by the Native Americans, who made great use of it as a medicinal and in basketry.  The bitter and aromatic rhizome is an effective digestive aid and is also used to sharpen the mind.
After chewing a bit of calamus, water never tasted better. Ground calamus root smoked by saddhus to clear the head after too much indulgence in charras or bhang.   Plant prefers full sun to part shade and grows in or near water and sometimes grows in mucky ground that is not inundated.  We like to use calamus between ponds in waterways, as it filters and cleanses the water that runs through it.  Can be used similarly in greywater treatment areas.  We recently planted Calamus seed on 4/16 and it germinated on 7/22, a 96 day induction period in warm soils.  Seed really prefers a warm/cold/warm stratification for best germination.  Sow in pots in shade house, greenhouse, or in cold frame.   Seedlings develop into delightful little flat-leaved monocots.  Grow out in pots for a year, then transplant to water's edge.
 100 seeds/pkt., Open Pollinated

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