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Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis), packet of 100 seeds, organic

(Red Puccoon, Indian Paint, Tetterwort)
Spring ephemeral perennial native to the Eastern hardwood forest biome in the US.  Plant prefers shade garden or shade of hardwoods.  Bloodroot thrives both in deep, rich soils but will also grow on limestone outcroppings.  This fresh or dried root is used either as an expectorant (dilute doses used to help dispel unhealthy mucous accumulations in upper respiratory tract) or as an antimitotic (retards runaway cell growth, as in warts and cancerous lesions.)  Bloodroot is one of the earliest blooming of all forest plants, the leaves are deeply lobed, characteristic, and quite handsome.  The plant makes strong, low-lying patches that live on for centuries.  I've known plants for 2 decades and they have only gotten more vigorous, while my human body begins to slow with age!  Sow the seed in a shaded pot or flat, or direct seed in the shade garden or woodlands.  Rake away all mulch, make a shallow furrow, plant the seeds 2 inches apart, cover with soil and tamp well, then rake the mulch back over the planting.  If growing in pots or flats, then mulch the surface.  Germination is usually in the first but sometimes in the second spring.  Seedlings look like little flat parasols.  Grow at close spacing for 2 years, then fall transplant to 6 inches apart.  Check my book "Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs"  for more info on growing bloodroot.  100 seeds/pkt., Open Pollinated 
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Note:  These seeds are fresh, short-lived, cold-stored and are now available for immediate delivery.   Please sow immediately upon receipt. The picture is of bloodroot seeds that germinated spring of 2011.  They had been planted June 17 2010.  The germ rate was 48%, about what can be expected in the first year from a well tended planting kept in outdoor conditions.  Generally, more germ occurs spring of second year.  Sometime, germ occurs spring of second year only.  Note blood red coloration of stem.  Please forgive the dirt under thumbnail.

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