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"Culinary Basil Set" (Genovese, Greek, Mrihani, Sweet and Thai), all organic

Family: Lamiaceae
Annual Basils coming from the Mediterranean and the Orient, mainly used in cookery but of course also endowed with medicinal attributes, being very kind to the stomach and digestion.  Full sized packets of 5 different types, excellent in soup, stir-fry, Asian cookery, and my favorite, PESTO.   Culinary basils, such as Genovese (which is pretty much the pinnacle), Greek (which has the most concentrated true basil aroma), and ranging through the famously turgid "Lettuce Leaf" and ending up out on the edge with Thai, which has a spicy taste and very attractive shape and color to foliage, well, they all have their own attractions, especially on the dinner plate, I might add to this rediculously long sentence.  Basils prefer full sun, rich soil, and plenty of water.  They give fast results, with first harvest at 70 days.  Sow in early spring indoors or in the greenhouse for an early start, or sow directly in the spring or summer garden.  Barely cover seed, tamp well and keep evenly moist until germination, which takes about 6  days.  Thin or transplant to 1 to 2 feet apart.  
5 pkts, certified organically grown  (Price shown is a discount.)

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