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Watermelon, Egusi (Citrullus colocynthis), packet of 10 seeds, organic

(Egusi Watermelon) Family: Cucurbit (Cucurbitacea)
Annual vine bearing small, round to oblong fruits ranging in weight from 2 to 10 lbs.  Heirloom African cultivar makes very long runners.  These are grown for the SEED, the flesh is bitter! Traditionally, seed roasted and eaten as a nutritious foodstuff.    Plant prefers full sun to part shade and thrives on moderate fertility and water.  We planted directly in the garden on May 15 and harvested fruits on August 15.  I would like to add that this is a wonderful food source for people who live in marginalized situations.  It can be grown at the edge of a corn field, for instance, and requires little attention or care, and the protein of the seeds can augment the carbohydrates of the corn, to make the subsitence diet more complete.  Egusi seeds are a suitable gift to people who are working on food self-sufficiency, in any country, be it tropical or temperate.   Don't panic, its ORGANIC!   10 seeds per packet.

From an african herbalist (Cameroon):  We dry the egusi seed before use because it is slimy when newly removed from flesh.  After drying, we break at the pointed end to remove egusi inside. We eat only the inside part and give up the coat. You can do with your teeth or use a knife. Enjoy .


We figured average yield at 113 g dry seed weight (1/4 lb) per watermelon.  2014 organic harvest.  Each hill produced about 7 melons.  RAC

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