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Chives, English (Allium schoenoprasum), packet of 50 seeds, organic

Family:  Onion (Alliaceae)
Bulbous, clumping monocot native to Europe, Asia and North America and hardy to 0 degrees F. This is the smallest of the edible onions, valued for its green leaves (scapes) and flower buds--choppable, colorful, and flavorful. Starting chives from seed is easy and rewarding, and once you have them, they are easily propagated by division of the clump.Anyhow, these chives are a cut and come again type of vegetable that always seems to be there just when you need it most (ie when scrambling eggs and there's nothing green in the house).  Good for cleansing the blood and strengthening the heart.  Used in organic growing to repel insects and burrowing mammals.  Plant prefers regular garden soil, full sun to part shade.  Seed within one year of receiving seeds.  Sow anytime indoors, or sow outdoors in fall or in the spring.  Barely cover seed with soil, tamp securely, and keep evenly moist and warm until germination, which occurs in a week to 10 days.   50 Seeds/pkt, Certified Organically Grown

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