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Datura, Torna Loco (D. ceratocaula), packet of 10 seeds, organic

(Torna Loco, Atlinan)
Family:  Nightshade (Solanacea)
Fleshy, water-loving annual, native to Mexico.  Protect from frost.  Bears non-thorny pods that dangle like eggs from a stem that is curved like an animal's horn (etymology of cerato...caula).The flowers emit the fragreance of wintergreen (methyl salicylate), which wafts across the garden in evening and morning.  The flowers are showy and prolific.  I found these to be very growable despite the fact that my garden is not very wet.  Sow the seed in the greenhouse in early spring, or directly in rich beds in the spring garden.  Work up seedlings in pots and transplant or thin to 2 feet apart.  These plants will sprangle and flower much to the delight of all nature.   10 seeds per packet, organic
Awoke early to take photos in the predawn light and found this Datura ceratocaula in fragrant flower. In its native habitat, the plant grows in swamps (how different from the desert daturas we're used to!), and is the food of ducks. These ducks fix enough datura alkaloids in their meat to make them poisonous to predators or humans that might want to eat them. Sort of like a caterpillar eating milkweed, which makes them bitter to birds. I'm growing the D. ceratocaula in order to collect the seed. It will be a good addition to the Datura section of our catalog. Please enjoy the flowers, please do not eat the seeds (or the ducks).


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