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Chickpea, White Kabuli (Cicer arietinum), packet of 50 seeds, organic

(Garbanzo Bean, Bengal Gram, Egyptian Pea)

Family:  Legume (Fabaceae)
Amazing foodstuff and N-fixing covercrop.  100 days to maturity. Our's is the large-seeded "White Kabuli."   One of the best sources of dietary fiber, chickpeas help lower LDL cholesterol, and also regulate the blood sugar.  Easily grown in the home garden and oh so tasty!  Plant prefers full sun and good garden soil. Chickpeas take 90 to 100 days to mature, so get started early--early spring frosts do not bother them, and they germinate fine in cool soil.   Prepare a fine seedbed and make shallow furrows 2 feet apart and 2 inches deep.  Barely cover seed and tampo securely.  Keep evenly moist until germination, which takes about a week.  Thin plants to 6 inches apart.  Cultivate as needed and disallow weeds.  When the pods become full, discontinue watering and allow to dry on the plant.  Harvest, thresh and winnow in the usual manner.  The green pods, by the way, are also edible.  50 seeds per packet, organically certified

Chocolate Hummus
2 cups whole cooked chickpeas with liquid to cover
1 tablespoon Lemon Juice
2 tablespoons sesame tahini
1 clove garlic
3 pieces (5g) chilhuacle negro pepper skins (more or less to desired color)
Salt to taste

directions:  Place all ingredients in a blender and blend to a thick hummus.  If ingredients will not blend, add sufficient water until they vortex.  Eat with raw vegetables, pita bread, rice cakes, chips, etc. 




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