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Aloe Ellenbeckii* potted plant, organic

Aloe ellenbeckii:  Native to Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, this is a choice Aloe in that it contains copious amounts of healing mucilage and is not bitter.  The bitter aspect would of course be indicative of aloe emodin, which normally resides in the underlayer of the skin, and is a stomachic and laxative of great repute.  The mucilagenous aspect is watery mucilage, soothing, full of immune potentiating polysaccharides, aloe "gel" if you will.  Really only good when used fresh from the plant--doesn't come through in commercial products all that well, even when preservatives are thrown in.  Very Zen of the Aloe, really, to be good in the moment but useless as an afterproduct.  I can only imagine how many lives the plant has saved in the deserts of Africa, as all one needs to do to receive a lifegiving draught of neutral, watery mucilage is to pick a leaf, worry it gently between the fingers, then suck it dry through the largest and most convenient orifice.  Suffering from acid stomach, ulcers, acid reflux, chemotherapy?  This plant is for you.  Aloe ellenbeckii and indeed most aloes prefer full to part sun and fast draining soil.  This one is more cold tolerant than many, but does not withstand hard frost.   Responds well to occasional watering, although daily watering will melt it like Dorothy's ill-tempered witch. The tubular flowers are orange with pale green tips and occur frequently, even on plants that are only a couple of years old.  Will form a strong colony if planted outdoors in a frost free area.  Will give much pleasure if planted indoors in a pot.  Unlike many Aloes, which have owey spines, the toothed margins of this plant are kind to the touch, and never hurt anybody, that I know of.

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