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Celery, Giant Red (Apium graveolens), packet of 200 seeds, organic

Family:  Carrot (Apiaceae)
(Giant Red Celery)  Biennial normally grown as an annual for the tender stalks.  90 to 100 days to full-sized edibility, this is a good choice for late summer or early spring planting.  Giant Red is disease resistant and cold hardy. As a biennial, will produce seeds in the summer of the second year.  Celery requires a fertile soil and plenty of water for a good crop.  Prepare a fine seed bed and scatter the seeds thinly, then barely cover and tamp securely.  Keep evenly moist and warm until germination.  Actually this is one of the slower to germinate vegetable seeds that I have tested.  Seeds sown just prior to the full moon took 13 days to come up.  This was slower than the vast majority of other vegetable species tested--in fact it was the slowest to germinate of 63 species tested--and so you can expect about a 2 week induction period on the celery seeds, which may well mean that it will be easier to keep track of them if planted in the greenhouse as opposed to direct seeding in the garden, where weed pressure could be an issue.   Thin or transplant to 6 inches apart. 

200 Seeds/pkt, Certified Organically Grown

More notes specific to growing and eating this particular celery:  This year the plants made large multi-stemmed crowns, with tons of leaf mass.  Other years the stems have been bigger and more succulent, but this was a drought year and the bushiness of the plants had a lot to do with being underwatered, I think.  I used the celery, both stalks and leaves, freely throughout the growing year and into the winter.  It was a very strong tasting celery and worked admirably well in potato soup, which is a standard dinner entre for our family and tends to contain ingredients according to season:  lots of carrots in the spring, onions in the early summer, corn in the late summer, peppers and tomatoes in the fall, astragalus root and shiitake mushrooms in the early winter, garlic and cheese in the late winter--a food that morphs according to what's available.  One finds one's way... 

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