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Pichi Pichi (Fabiana imbricata), packet of 50 seeds

Family:  Solanacea
 Evergreen perennial shrub to 6 feet tall, native to southern Chile and hardy to 10 degrees F.  Highly ornamental shrub that looks a little like Heather and bears multitudes of flashy, tubular flowers.  Plant has an excellent aroma and is burned ceremonially as an incense.  The tea is used for treating urinary infection.  Drought tolerant plant prefers full sun and dry to mesic, well-drained soils.  Sow seed in early spring in outdoor conditions or give 30 days cold, moist refrigeration, then sow warm.  Use live potting soil (not sterilized medium) as GA3 improves germination.  Barely cover seed, tamp securely and keep evenly moist until germination.  50 seeds per packet

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