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Bulbine natalensis (Bulbine natalensis), packet of 10 seeds, organic

(Ibhucu, Rooiwortel) 
Family:  Aloe (Asphodelaceae)
Aloe-like perennial succulent native to South Africa.  Protect from frost.  Excellent in potted culture, where the plant will thrive in moderate to good light on an indoor windowsill. The one difference between Bulbine and Aloe is that Bulbine will withstand more watering.  The plants will let you know when they need water, as they deflate and become quite flubbery.  However, a bit of water will revive them within a day to their usual tumescence.   Planted in the solar or heated greenhouse, the plants will grow quickly, and will flower quite freely at almost any season of the year.  At this writing (in January) we have large Bulbines producing vigorous flower stalks in a cold greenhouse.  The flowers are long-lasting, but eventually give way to seedpods, and if the seed falls down amongst the gravel of the greenhouse floor, new plants will eventually emerge, much to everyone's delight!  The total lack of thorns on Bulbine makes them very pleasant to the touch, and as a spontaneous poultice against burns, sunburns, scrapes, scratches, cracked skin or herpes lesions, they work just as well as Aloe.  In South Africa, this is known as a significant "muti," used locally as an external application to ease pain and speed healing of wounds, used internally to treat vomiting and diarrhea, diabetes, rheumatism, venereal disease, and urinary maladies.  Bulbine contains aloe-like glycoproteins that really soothe the skin, as well as anthraquinone constituents that are antibacterial. Sow in gritty soil and keep evenly warm and in the light until germination, which takes 3 to 5 weeks.  Prop up seedlings with bits of pumice and grow on until they are big enough to transplant into individual pots.  Standard aloe culture.  10 seeds per packet,
certified organically grown

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