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Geranium, Scented "Isadora"* (Pelargonium capitatum) potted plant, organic

(Scented geranium, Isadora)  Fleshy perennial. Protect from frost.  Excellent in pots. This plant exudes sensual and calming fragrance.  The fragrance of this Horizon Herbs cultivar is a combination of citrus and rose.  From "The perfume Pharmer:  "Isadora’s opening fragrance is that of a youthful floral with sweeping subtle hues of celadon green and pink . Never heavy or earthy like other geraniums a light musk with a meadow grass interior is Isadora’s base accord.  Preferring her personal perfume choreography of light and breezy to the tried and true Isadora allows the sniffer a “fresh start” within her luminous silken embrace."

Easily grown in potted culture, a good plant blooms all summer long.  Sun to part shade.  Fertilize with your good compost and since it's a heavy magnesium feeder, pour in a little epsom salt soak water from time to time.  This will green it up.  Potted plant certified organically grown

This plant is usually grown as a potted plant, and may be grown outdoors in a suitable environment, but it is also recommended for indoor growing as a houseplant.  Following, find some recommendations for growing Scented Geranium in indoor culture (an indoor windowsill, under a skylight, in a sunroom, but without auxiliary growlights):

Pot size:  Half gallon to gallon.  Does well in deep pots.

Soil:  Standard potting soil mixture for houseplants as fully described on page 107 of "The Medicinal Herb Grower" by Richo Cech, but in short: Mix together 1 gallon of hydrated coir, 1 gallon of compost or composted manure, 2 Tbsp micronutrient mix, 1/2 gallon coarse, sharp sand, 1 gallon pumice.  We sell high grade horticultural pumice on this website.

Light requirement:  Low to high.

Watering requirement:  Low to medium (every 4 days or so)

Fertilization:  Monthly foliar or root feeding of kelp tea, mycoblast, or compost tea.

Potential toxicity to pests or young children:  none

Setting outdoors:  OK, but protect from hard frost.

Vacations:  Probably OK to leave unattended for a week without water.  If necessary, it may help to encase the plant in an inflated plastic bag, in which case it could hold for 2 weeks, more or less.

Other recommendations for growing this plant indoors: Deadhead flowers.  The plant does grow leggy in time and can be cut back to the crown and repotted in fresh mix. Propagate by crown division or stem cuttings stuck in pumice and kept in a plastic tent until roots form.  Irrigate cuttings avery couple of days with myco blast tea.  Does not respond to sticking in water in a jar on the windowsill.



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