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Juniper, One-seeded (Juniperus monosperma), packet of 20 seeds

(One-seeded Juniper, One Seeded Juniper)
Evergreen, multistemmed, dioecious tree to 60 feet tall, native to Southwestern US, hardy to -30 degrees F.  This tree is a tough contender in marginal sites, remaining healthy and vibrant even when subjected to drought, high elevation and extreme exposure.  The cones, leaves, bark and roots are all used by natives in medicine and craft.  The trees are an excellent source of wildlife habitat.  One-seeded Juniper is among the deepest rooted plants on earth, with roots extending as deeply as 200 feet below the surface.  Plant prefers full sun and mesic to dry soils.  A brief exposure to boiling water may speed germination.  Sow seeds 10 to a gallon pot, mark well and keep in cool moist shade until germination.  Multicycle germinator usually  requiring at least one seasonal sequence of warm, cold then warm conditions for germination.  Germination may take 1 to 2 years.  Individuate seedlings to pots and grow for at least a year before transplanting to landscape.  20 seeds/pkt open pollinated

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