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Radish, Round Black Spanish (Raphanus niger), packet of 50 seeds, organic

Family:  Mustard (Brassicaceae)
Annual.  55 days to maturity.  Round roots grow 3 to 4 inches in diameter, with a striking black skin and white flesh. Round Black Spanish is an antique that is much more nutrient dense than standard radishes.  It is generally grown as a fall radish and left out in the first few frosts in order to mellow its taste. When growing in the fall, plant 55 days prior to the first anticipated frost date.   These lovely gems can also be grown in the early spring, planted 3-6 weeks before the last frost.  Black radishes can be very hot (due to high glucosinolate content, more or less the same stuff that makes horseradish, wasabi, and maca hot) when consumed fresh, but the taste will mellow significantly if left in the ground or in storage.  If harvesting before frost, dig the radishes and put in the vegetable drawer of your fridge for a week or two, or store in damp sand in the fridge or in a root cellar, which will substantially increase the storage life, providing fresh treats out of season.  The plant increases libido, and is somewhat of a "poor man's maca," and for the majority of us, a lot easier to grow than maca.  Eating black radishes is good for bladder, kidney, liver and thyroid health.  High levels of a constituent known as raphanin help balance thyroid function.  Radish juice used to be prescribed for treating goiter.  Black radishes contain high levels of Vitamin C, B, A and E and are very mineral rich. Radishes prefer regular garden soil, especially soil that was heavily manured in a previous season and allowed to rest.  It is advisable to grow them in ground where radishes were not previously grown.  Make a finger furrow and sprinkle seed in sparingly, barely cover with soil and keep evenly moist and cool until germination.  50 -65 degrees F = 10 to 18 degrees C is the optimal soil temperature.  Make furrows 1 to 2 feet apart and thin radishes to 4 inches apart.  These large size radishes need a bit more room to grow than other types.  Open Pollinated

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