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Urban Homesteading by Kaplan and Blume

Book, Urban Homesteading by Rachel Kaplan and Ruby Blume

"A deep understanding of where we are as a culture, how we got here, and ways to get ourselves out of this mess!  As if knitting a sweater with recycled needles from homespun yarn, the authors keenly perceive what resources are truly available in an urban setting and proceed to give us a feel for how to transform urban chaos into earth healing gardens.  These folks have an intense and powerful understanding of our current crisis, remain hopeful, and are out to do something about it!  Their approach puts food on the table while planning for the health and happiness of our children's children.  Advice brought home by interviews and photo essays of San Francisco urbanites who are making a difference. Brass tacks methods of raising plants and animals in small spaces.  Zero waste.  Abandoning use of hydrocarbons.  Animal husbandry.  Feeding and keeping bees.  Converting alleyways into garden paths.  This book enthralls me."  Richo

292 pages, soft cover, tons of wonderful full color photos, real people

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