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Japanese Medicinal Herb Seed Collection (Ashitaba; Burdock, Gobo; Shungiku; Yomogi)

Japanese Medicinal Herb Seed Collection (Ashitaba; Burdock, Gobo; Daikon; Shungiku; Yomogi)

This is a great starter kit for anyone interested in the Kampo herbal tradition and/or in medicinal foods, which the Japanese have fine-tuned into a culinary art.  Below find a rundown on the scientific names and a little information about each herb.  More info available on this website under the individual seed headings.  Price shown is a substantial discount over buying the packets individually. 

Ashitaba (Angelica keiskei koidzumi) is one of the few botanical sources for chalcones and vitamin B12.  The profound healing influences of this plant are legendary.

Burdock (Arctium lappa).  Gobo is the standard variety, producing clunker roots that are great when grated and marinated or sliced and boiled up in soups.  Nourishing to the nth degree, this is an herb that helps one recuperate from illness, giving vital strength to the vital essence.  Furthermore, in combination with Dandelion, it is a well-known treatment for drug resistant staph.

Shungiku (Chrysanthemum coronarium).  young, green leaves are excellent in salads or as a stemed vegetable.  Very high in vitamins, alkalinizes the blood.

Yomogi (Artemisia princeps).  Japanese mugwort is an herbaceous perennial used for flavoring mochi, soups and rice.  Does well in pots, and can even be dried and used as a smudge, very similar to white sage. 


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