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Snowdown Seed Collection, Organic

From the Makers of HOEDOWN comes SNOWDOWN!
100% Certified Organic Vegetable Seeds for Fall and Winter Vegetables
Germ-tested, fat and viable
Open-Pollinated (seed saver friendly)
Vacuum packed to last and last (store in fridge)
Easy to grow.  Contains one packet each:
Beet, Detroit Dark Red (50 seeds/pkt)|
Broccoli, Green Sprouting (300 seeds/pkt)

Chicory, Palla Rossa (200 seeds/pkt)
Carrots, Scarlet Nantes (500 seeds/pkt)
Greens, Collard, Champion (200 seeds/pkt)
Greans, Creasy (Winter Cress) (100 seeds/pkt)
Kale, Lacinato (200 seeds/pkt)
Leeks, Belgian Mix (100 seeds/pkt)
Lettuce, Winter Density (500 seeds/pkt)
Peas, Oregon Sugar Pod II (50 seeds/pkt)
Radish, Daikon White (200 seeds/pkt)
Spinach, Bloomsdale (200 seeds/pkt)
LIFELINE PRICING.  100% Certified Organically Grown

Each packet comes with sowing directions printed right on the packet. These are all summer and fall planted vegetables that give harvest from fall through the winter.  To extend the season, mulch heavily, use floating row covers or use a cloche.  Our desire to get the highest nutrient value plants into your bodies motivates us to introduce this generous assemblage of fall planted vegetables.  We want to supply you with the seeds you need to keep nutrient rich vegetables on the table from late summer on into the winter.  Economically prudent and in terms of health--priceless! 

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