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Rhubarb, Turkey* (Rheum palmatum tanguticum) potted plant, organic

Rhubarb, Turkey  (Rheum palmatum tanguticum)
(Da-huang; Turkey Rhubarb; Chinese Rhubarb; Rhubarb, Chinese)
Family: Buckwheat (Polygonaceae)
Herbaceous perennial.  Native to China and Tibet.   Rare.  Plants boast red-tinged, handsomely palmate leaves, and are much appreciated in the ornamental garden for their shape, color, and colorful history.  It is the dried, cured root that provides the laxative medicine that gives relief. The yellow color is due to the content of anthraquinones.  It is amazing how quicly useable quantities of this herb can be grown--a reasonable harvest can be made in the fall of the first year's growth.  Dig the roots, wash throughly, slice, pierce, and hang to dry and cure. In its long and complex role in herbal medicine, this particular variety stands above all others as a remedial utilized, respected and preferred over other species due to its gentle but efficient action and mild taste. Plant prefers part shade to full sun, well-drained soils of raised bed or hillside.  Potted plant certified organically grown

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