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Sage, Kashmir (Salvia hians), packet of 10 seeds, organic

(Kashmir Sage)
Hardy to 20 degrees F. 
Herbaceous perennial giving rise to loose racemes of large, deep throated blue flowers in second year.  The plant flowers over a longer period of time than most sages. Alvia hians is a particularly robust sage, with resinously sticky foliage that gives off an enticing, fruity aroma, even at a distance.  Native to the himalayas, the plant is used as a tea and poulticing agent in local medicine.    A recent serendipitous situation (I was digging holy saffron bulbs out from next to the mother Kashmir Sages) lead to the discovery that the sage has blood-red roots, just like Dan-shen (Salvia miltiorrhiza).   Plant prefers full sun and fast draining soil.  Sow in spring.  Standard sage culture. 10 seeds/pkt Certified Organically Grown 

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