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Orange, Bitter (Poncirus trifoliata) potted tree, organic

Orange, Bitter (Poncirus trifoliata)
Aegle sepiaria DC., Citrus trifoliata L.

(Japanese Bitter Orange, Chinese Citron Tree, Trifoliate Orange)
Family:  Rutaceae
Hardiness:  to -4 degrees F (-20 degrees C) (Really, its all about the northern hardiness.  That's largely why this tree is popular--it survives where other citrus cannot!)

Shrub to small tree native to Korea and Northern China and widely distributed throughout the globe due to its adaptability and utility as an understock for grafting citrus fruit trees.  The skin of the tree is smooth and green, and appears to photosynthisize in harmony with the leaves, which are bright green, shiny and wonderfully scented.  The thorns are long and sharp but flexible enough to not be particularly insidious.  Once I sat on a flat of small Bitter Orange trees and except for a few slight puncture wounds, received no lasting damage--the thorns don't easily break off in the skin (like blackberries or roses will) and they are nontoxic. Still, wouldn't recommend sitting on the seedlings, or flagellating with them, or anything of that sort!   It was one of those moments where one wishes one had a family video, quite hilarious really, if a bit slapstick, where one is tugging on a tree with both hands to dislodge its roots from the floor of the greenhouse and it comes up suddenly, catapulting you backwards, where you sit on a spiny flat, and then you can't get up, flailing like a skewered turtle, there with the tree in your hands... Flowers white and aromatic in the spring. Fruits the size of golfballs, yellow, round, hard and full of seeds. Fruiting is in the autumn of the year. The fruits are used in medicine, in much the same way that bitter orange peel (Citrus aurantium) is utilized--as an aromatic digestive, being laxative, antispasmodic and stimulating.  Rheumatism, eczema, fever, and poor digestion are all allayed by the use of this herb.  Plant prefers full sun and well-drained soil.  We have several mature Poncirus trifoliata on the farm, and they are trouble free. We like the tree as it is, but others will wish to graft preferred citrus varieties onto the tree when it attains sufficient size.  This is commonly done. Potted tree, top size, certified organically grown


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