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Bean, Hopi Yellow (Phaseolus vulgaris) packet of 20 seeds, organic

(Hopi Yellow Beans)
Annual.  50 to 55 days.  Deep yellow bean of the Hopi Indians.  May be eaten as a green bean in early pod stage.  Once the seeds swell and the pod gets stringy, the seeds can be shelled and used in this soft, green phase, in soup or boiled up and eaten as-is.  They cook in 15 minutes.  Allowed to go completely mature and dry, these become a flavorful bean for making soup or chili.  Remove from the papery husk, soak overnight and boil until tender.  In traditional cookery, a delicacy is prepared by sprouting these beans and then cooking them. This is a runner bean that grows best with regular garden culture, fertile soils in the full sun.  Plant 5 seeds per hill, about 1 inch deep.  Germ in a week in warm soils.  Plant is typified by fast, vigorous growth.  Give plenty of water during growing phase and then stop watering to finish. 20
Seeds per Packet, Certified Organically Grown



errata:  the 2013 spring/summer catalog calls this a lima bean but it is a regular pole bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), not Lima Bean (Phaseolus lunatus).  Sorry, it came to us marked "Lima Bean" and we eventually realized it wasn't a Lima Bean.

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