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Poppy, Turkish Red (Papaver somniferum), packet of 100 seeds

(Turkish Red Poppy)
Family:  Poppy (Papaveraceae)
Overwintering annual native to Turkey.  The flower is bright red with a dark basal spot.  The plants are multi-headed, more so than other "somniferums" I've tried.  The flowers tend to last 3 days before giving way to the medium sized, perfectly round pods.  This is a longer floral expression than is typical of other "somniferums."  The flowers are dark red, not pink.  They are mixed entire petal and frilly.  This is the poppy that gained fame from "The Wizard of Oz," beautiful enough to charm a winged monkey, potent enough to put a lion to sleep.  For the wicked witch in all of us, by all means, scatter some seeds.  Poppies prefer full sun and nitrogen rich but fast draining soil.  Sow in fall or very early spring and thin to at least 4 inches apart for best performance.  Scatter on surface, work in shallowly, and keep evenly moist until germ, which takes 1 to 3 weeks.  We plant our's with the first fall rains, and this is a good method for gardens in the Pacific NW, but for gardeners in the midwest or colder eastern states, it will work better to sow in the early spring, as soon as the ground can be worked. 
Open Pollinated 100 seeds/pkt.


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