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Life Plant* (Bryophyllum pinnatum) potted plant, organic

Life Plant ( Mpovupovu Ziwa, Mother of Thousands, Kalanchoe pinnata, Air Plant, Patharkuchi, Pata )
Family:  Crassulaceae
A curious plant which we originally sourced in the wild from the northern tip of Pemba in the Zanzibar archipelago.  Succulent and comely, an excellent house plant which likes moist, warm conditions and shade. The plant will propagate itself from plantlets borne on the leaf margin.  You can pin a leaf to the wall and it will make roots, followed by miniature plants, which eventually grow into a start that falls from the mother and can be replanted (or replants itself!) . You can leave a leaf in a dry pot of soil and it will maintain its life force for many months.  The leaves are extraordinarily cooling to the touch, and thus make an incredible fresh plant poultice against inflammatory conditions such as beesting, sunburn, or aggravated swellings. In Africa the leaf is heated until it blisters, then polaced on lesions or swellings for its drawing and healing influence.  The leaf does contain cardiac glycosides so internal use is not recommended, although it is indeed uised internally in various cultures for a variety of complaints, including the pain of kidney stones.  Constituents from the leaf have also been shown to have antimicrobial, antifungal and anticancer attributes.  Bryophyllum is widely studied and its chemistry is diverse and active.  Plant grows great indoors, on the windowsill or in the solarium.  An easy plant to have success with, they do best in gallons and can provide many hours of companionship and solace during the hours when we find ourselves indoors.  Organically grown potted plant

This plant may be grown outdoors in the summer garden, or perennially in frost-free zones, but it it is especially recommended for indoor growing as a houseplant.  Following, find some recommendations for growing Life Plant in indoor culture (an indoor windowsill, under a skylight, in a sunroom, but without auxiliary growlights):

Pot size:  Quart to half gallon.  Requiring little root to nurture its ever-expanding aerial parts, this plant is ideally suited for growing in small pots or together with other houseplants in the same pot.

Soil:  Any soil will do, but a fast-draining mix containing a goodly amount of pumice will be best.  Very dense, clay soils are not well liked by this airy plant.  Follow this link for potting soil recipes:  PUMICE.

Light requirement:  Low to Medium

Watering requirement:  Low. 

Fertilization:  Not really needed, but if you wish, give a monthly foliar or root feeding of kelp tea, mycoblast, or compost tea.

Potential toxicity to pests or young children:  none

Setting outdoors:  OK, but protect from frost. 

Vacations:  Probably OK to leave unattended for up to 6 months without water. It will want a drink when you get home.

Other recommendations for growing this plant indoors:  Propagate by burying a leaf half way deep in a new pot of fast draining soil.  Roots and new shoots will soon appear.  This is a great botanical to share with your friends.  You can even send a leaf folded into a letter in a standard envelope and your buddy will soon have a lively plant thriving on the windowsill.  Good clean herbal fun.


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