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African Tea Basil Set (African, Kivumbasi Lime, Mtule and Mzamda)

Family: Lamiaceae
These are the 4 main distinct tea basils we've found used in indigenous barefoot medicine in East Africa.  They are used for making a tasty and health-promoting tea, for treating dental woes, and in magic and ritual to rid the house of ghosts and promote a pure and healthy environment.  2 main types predominate.  The tall and woody "Mtule" is a perennial bush roadside in Zanzibar and inland in Tanzania.  Although I collected this as a unique type, I soon realized, on growing it out, that it was the same as our preexisting Basil, Kilimanjaro.The short and mintily aromatic "African" acts like an annual even in Africa.  In Zanzibar I found 2 types of this, one of which was our preexisting "Basil, African" and the other was similar, but with a pronounced fruity smell.  This one we named "Kivumbasi Lime." The last, Mzamda, is endemic to Pemba and makes a handsome, smooth-leaved bush.  Grown near the home, it is thought to satisfy the ancestors.  Sow in early spring indoors or in the greenhouse for an early start, or sow directly in the spring or summer garden.  Thin or transplant to 1 to 2 feet apart.  Average germ time 6 days.  If you desire to keep the Mtule as a perennial, then protect from frost.  

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