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Sage, Dan-shen Gansu (Salvia przewalskii), packet of 20 seeds

(dan shen gansu)
Family:  Mint (Lamiaceae)
Hardy to -40 degrees F.
Herbaceous perennial to 2 feet, with loose upright racemes of conspicuously rotund bi-lipped blue-violet flowers appearing in early summer.  Native to China, most notably the province of Gansu.  Plant used as a substitute for Dan-shen (Salvia miltiorrhiza), found in markets in Western Mainland China.  The plants are noted for their vigor and resistance to disease.  Roots of Dan-shen Gansu are red, as are the roots of Dan-shen.  Both contain the lipophilic diterpene quinone known as "tanshinone," a fascinating molecule that inhibits vascular contraction.  The herb is used as a prophyllactic against stroke (otherwise known as "brain attack") which is caused by the movement of blood clot(s) through the vascular system.  This is a choice plant for Salvia officianados worldwide. Plant prefers part shade to sun and fast draining soils.  Use regular Sage culture, seeding in greenhouse in early spring and working up the plants for setting out in the early summer.  Seeds are quite large for a Sage. 
20 seeds/pkt certified organic 

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