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Soap, Neem Oil, 4 oz bar

Neem Oil Soap

"Gentle Yet Potent"

"Good for bathing mice, but never tested on bunnies!"

Have you ever had a bar of soap last so long that you had time to develop a personal relationship with it?  Well, that's how we felt with our sample bar of neem oil soap, as it sudzed us multiple times, there in the bathtub, with the light of a single bulb streaming in through the window from the cat porch, cutting through the darkness in just the same way as the soap cut through the dirt on our garden soiled bodies.  Formulated by Richo and handmade by Bunny's Bath, the neem oil soap bar has proven its excellence, and we are excited to share it with you (not the one we already used, for goodness sakes, we have lots of them in stock now, and we will send you a new one!)  The soap emits a gentle fragrance of circulation-stimulating essential oil of rosemary.  It is further preserved with a water extract of rosemary.  The base oil is organic olive oil, and the active ingredient is neem oil, introduced at just the right dosage, and by a special unpatented and entirely secret process the neem is added in such a way that it is not saponified and therefore delivers its potency in an unchanged state. An excellent antifungal soap for whole body and hair use.   Literally erases athlete's foot.  Get yourself hot and wet, lather up, allow the soap to work on affected areas for 3 minutes, then rinse with clear hot water and follow up with cold water.  Pat dry.  An excellent shampoo soap for ridding the hair of lice and nits (neem is a potent antiparasitic).  An excellent shampoo bar for dogs and cats.  Neem kills fleas.  In every case, wet the hair/fur with warm water, lather up richly, then let sit for at least 3 minutes, then rinse with warm water.  Wash those fleas right out of your life, and send them on their way!!  We've been designing and living on the edge of manufacturing this soap for about a decade, and we've finally done it.  And, we've priced this large and sturdy bar for quick sales and happy customers.  Enjoy!  4.5 oz bar

Pasted from "Larkspur Seed, More info":  Adjunct treatments for headlice:  Essential oil of rosemary and lavender (adquately diluted in olive oil), applied daily to hair and de-facto to hair brushes.  Neem oil soap (which Horizon Herbs manufactures and makes available at high quality, big bars, good discount) used to shampoo hair nightly.  At first hair may take issue with such washing but tends to get used to it after some time.  The neem oil helps kill and repel the vermin and therefore is good to use if people in the community have headlice, or after treatment, to help prevent reinfection.  I have used the neem oil soap to wash a dog and watched many dead fleas float down the drain with the washwater.  Neem oil kills vermin, and the neem oil soap is a pretty good medium for applying it to the body.  Most people report that it can be used as a general body and hair soap on a daily basis without any adverse effects.  In fact, it seems to enliven the skin and prevent fungal episodes that are often quite unpleasant.  The bar will get goopy and melt away if left in a puddle of water.  After use, put in a dry spot like a proper soap dish or balanced on a sponge on the windowsill or some such thing.  If this is done, the soap lasts a long time.

From a customer:  My mother, (adult) children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and I love this product, using it for everything from dog shampoo to teen acne, from treatment of diabetic wounds to psoriasis. We''''ve even used it for a skin condition (unknown etiology) on a goat we rescued, and the condition has resolved completely!

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