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Salal (Gaultheria shallon), packet of 100 seeds

Family:  Heath (Ericaceae)
Woody evergreen perennial native to the Pacific Northwest.  This is a common shrub that grows as tall as 5 feet in the shade but is much more subdued in a sunnier location. Salal is commonly used in the florist trade due to its lush, shiny leaves.  In the garden, the plant is quite handsome, producing long flowering strands with dangling, pink, vase-shaped flowers that give way to the large, purple, berries.  The leaves are a source of urinary antiseptic arbutin and can be tinctured and used in urinary formulas.  The berries are large and have a lot of food value, although they are somewhat bland.  It is easy to pick enough of them to make jam.  If you don't pick the berries, no worries, the wildlife will.  The plant attracts butterflies, bees, birds and bears.  Plant prefers part shade and moist, acid soils.  Sow seed on surface of peaty mix and keep cool and moist until germination, which usually occurs between 30 and 90 days from planting.  Recent seed is important so we collect our own yearly, and give you the recent stuff.  100 seeds/pkt open pollinated

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