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Mormon Tea Green (Ephedra viridis), packet of 30 seeds [AUS/NZ NO]

 Ephedra, Mormon Tea Green (Ephedra viridis)
Family:  Ephedraceae
Perennial, primitive shrub with jointed stems, hardy to - 10 degrees F.  Native to the American Southwest.  Our indigenous American Ephedras, unlike the various species of "ma-huang" that come from China, are very low or devoid of Ephedrine alkaloids.  However, these plants (known collectively as "mormon tea," there are actually several species, of which Ephedra viridis is one of the nicest.  The tea is markedly astringent, and is a non-stimulating bronchial dilators of use in treating the common cold or asthma.  There's more to the herb, apparently, than alkaloids...  Plant prefers full sun and very fast draining soil.  A 1 month cold, moist stratification will improve germination.  Scarify lightly and sow seeds in fast-draining mix.  Germination is usually a bit spotty, starting at 2 weeks and continuing on for some time.  Individuate the plants and grow out in pots for a year or two before transplanting to landscape.   
Open Pollinated 30 seeds/pkt.

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