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Ashitaba* (Angelica keiskei koidzumi) potted plant, organic

(HACHIJO-SOU, Tomorrow's Leaf)
Family:  Carrot (Apiaceae)
Hardiness:  To 20 degrees F.  Give warm and humid conditions. 

Native to Hachijojima Island in Japan.  Perennial, high chlorophyll plant with yellow sap, unique among Angelicas due to its edibility and the presence of both B 12 and the floavonoids known as "chalcones." 

Delivery starts April 1, 2015 

More on Ashitaba:  The plants are slow growing at first but once they attain the size of your hand, more or less, they grow very quickly.  Mature size is about 4 feet wide and flowering to about 5 feet tall.  The plant requires warm temperatures for optimal growth--75 to 85 degrees F.  They need at least 6 hours sunlight daily to thrive!  It is often best to greenhouse them, although coastal climates (such as San Francisco area) seem to work pretty well for outdoor cultivation, and zone 8 growers may find that these plants do fine in regular open garden conditions (Southern California, Florida, Gulf Coast, Etc).  We have our's in a large tortuga of layered compost, coir and sand, inside the greenhouse (one layer of plastic) which effectively converts our zone 7 into a zone 8.  In other words, keep them in the light, in deep, composty soil, warm and regularly watered, well ventilated, and full of prayers and you will be well rewarded!  You can fertilize by side dressing with organic compost every 3 weeks.  You can pot them up first to gallons, then to 3 gallons for potted culture, but the more composty soil your plant has, the bigger and healthier it will get.  We eat the chalcone-laden stems daily and haven't been sick once.  The plant goes into your body, finds what ails you, and gently but firmly escorts it OUT of your body.  Eat the fresh stems daily.  Eat the leaves, too, if you like.  Or, dry the leaves and make them into tea or tincture (1:4 50%A 50%W). 

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