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Patchouli, Java (Pogostemon heyneanus), packet of 100 seeds

Patchouli, Java (Pogostemon heyneanus) seed
(Malayan Patchouli, Java Patchouli, Smooth Patchouli, Nilam)
Family:  Lamiaceae
Hardiness:  Protect from frost
Tropical perennial native to Asia, flowering to 24 inches.  Makes delightful upright racemes of white and lavender. The plant thrives under good care but fades fast with neglect--it needs watering almost daily, has zero tolerance for frost and will sunburn if not protected by shade.  Relatively straightforward to grow in pots indoors.  Barely cover seed and sow on surface, keep evenly moist, warm and in the light until germination, which takes at least 3 weeks, so don't give up!  Do not squeeze seeds as they crush easily! 
100 seeds/pkt $4.95 

Please note!!!  We've had a rash of customers ordering Java Patchouli and thinking it will smell like Patchouli Oil.  It doesn't.  If you want True Patchouli (seeds or plants) then please order True Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin).  This Java Patchouli is a collector's item which is mostly appreciated for its intensely colored flowers.  Richo

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