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Sage, Dominican* (Salvia dominica) potted plant, organic

Dominican Sage (Salvia dominica)
Family:  Lamiaceae
Hardiness:  20 degrees F, possibly colder
Woody perennial native to the Middle East.  One of the desired small sized sages, flowering from 2 to 3 feet . The plant is fuzzy and soft, bearing large flowers, white and yellow with lavender highlights. The entire plant, including leaf, stem and flowers, is redolent with the unique, fruity scent of sclaerol. In this way, it is more universally aromatic than Clary sage, which it distantly resembles.  Useful in perfumery, cosmetics and in the production of the rare essential oil. Plant prefers full sun and fast-draining, sandy soil. The original accession was from coastal Israel, and it actually took me years to work up a reasonable seed lot, due to the fact that the plant is much more flower rich than seed rich, in my experience.  I built a special raised bed for it, bumped up with a little compost and a great deal of coarse, sharp sand.  This seemed to do the trick, as weed pressure was less of an issue, and the full sun exposure and gentle watering through a hot summer finally produced a fat seed harvest.  Phew.  Probably overwinters better if crowns can be kept dry by way of deep sand or cinder mulch around the plants--its the cold AND wet that cause rotting.  Very drought tolerant.


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