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Mimosa* (Albizia julibrissin) potted tree, organic

(Silk Tree Mimosa, Collective Happiness Bark, Persian Silk Tree, He-huan-hua)
Family: Fabaceae
Hardiness:  0 degrees F
Native to Asia and especially the Himalayas, the silk tree is extremely comely, with the characteristic flattened branches and pink flowers.  The entire tree is used in medicine, the flowers being sedative and tonic, the bark of the tree is considered a vermifuge, and the gummy extract is used as a plaster to resolve subcutaneous lesions.  The wood is dense and strong.  Plant prefers sun and moist but well-drained soil, but will withstand drought and high winds and is quite resilient. This tree grows well with other trees, and will extend its arms quite prettily to find the sun, filling in the landscape with ferny foliage dotted with the wonderful flowers.


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