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Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis syriaca), packet of 20 seeds, organic

Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis syriaca
(Tea, Greek Mountain)
Family:  Lamiaceae
Hardiness: 10 degrees F
Woody perennial growing to 18 inches, native to the mountains surrounding the Mediterranean sea, especially the Peloponnese.  I always keep a lookout for new-to-me Mediterranean herbs, and frankly I believe this one to be one of the most significant ones since ... rosemary.  A comely plant, highly desired for those of us blessed with hot, dry summers and cool, moist winters. A great-tasting tea herb with salubrious medicinal applications.  The tea of dried flowering tops is used for treating colds and restless insomnia. Plant prefers full sun and very fast draining soil, being drought tolerant once established, but not fond of snowy winters. Plant prefers full sun and mesic to dry soil.  Sow seed in spring in pots or flats.  Barely cover, tamp well and keep warm, evenly moist and in the light until germination, which occurs in about 10 days.   Individuate seedlings to gallon pots and grow until sufficiently sized to transplant successfully to garden or landscape.  20 seeds per packet, organic

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