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Chinese Medicinal Herb Seed Collection (Dan-shen, Dang-shen, Huang-Qi, Huang-qin, Ku-shen, Ma-huang, Tou-gu, Wu-we-zi)

Chinese Medicinal Herb Seed Collection (Dan-shen, Dang-shen, Huang-Qi, Huang-qin, Ma-huang, Tou-gu, Wu-we-zi, Xiao-mi-la)
Lucky 8!  Generous packets of seeds of some of the main herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  Each packet is loaded with germination and cultivation directions.  All of these herbs can be grown in temperate gardens.  Here's the rundown with the scientific names and a few other informational tidbits:

Dan-shen (Salvia miltiorrhiza) is Chinese Red Sage.  The dried roots are used to tonify the vascular system and are a well-known anti-stroke medicine.

Dang-shen (Codonopsis pilosula) is a perennial climbing vine making ornamental dangling bellflowers.  The root is a well-known ginseng-like tonic, sweetly edible and delicious.

Huang-qi (Astragalus membranaceaus) is the well-known "yellow leader" that makes the deeply delving, perennial roots that are immune enhancing and help prevent illness and disease.

Huang-qin (Scutellaria baicalensis) is Baikal Skullcap, one of the prettiest of all flowers, deep purple blue, with a perennial root that acts potently against infection and pestilence.

Ku-shen (Sophora flavescens) Herbaceous perennial subshrub to 5 feet, native to China and Japan.  One of the Chinese herbs that clears heat.  Long racemes of cream colored flowers give way to generous follicular clusters of seedpods.  Handsome and fun, like any good lover.

Ma-huang (Ephedra sinensis) is a paleo-herb that grows best in full sun and extremely fast draining soil.  The dried herb is prohibited for sale by the FDA due to presence of CNS stimulating ephedrine alkaloids, but these seeds and any plants grown from them are legal, interesting and rare. 

Tou-gu (Impatiens Balsamina) is Chinese Balsam, the easiest germinator we know of.  A perfectly brightly flowered plant in pots or garden, the entire plant may be ground up and used as a soothing poultice for treating poison oak or ivy, sunburn, dry skin, etc.

Wu-wei-zi (Schisandra chinensis) is a perennial vine that makes the bright tasting "many flavored" fruits that are a potent adaptogen in TCM. 

These are full sized packets that are further described under the individual herb headings on this website. This set is offered at a substantial discount.  It is a great place for those interested in TCM--a veritable starter garden in a cellophane bag.  Richo 



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