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Sage, Purple (Salvia leucophylla), packet of 30 seeds, wild form

Sage, Purple (Salvia leucophylla) seed, wild form
Family:  Lamiaceae
Hardiness: to 10 degrees F
Deciduous woody perennial growing to 6 feet unless seriously pruned back, native to baja, coastal california and associated transverse mountain ranges.  Silvery foliage with purple flowers occurring in whorls, with protruding stamens, very showy as the Salvias tend to be.  Incredibly drought tolerant--a good subject for xeroscaping.  Aromatic and medicinal, with the same medicinal attributes as garden sage--drying to secretions (sweat, breast milk) and stimulating to memory.  Sweetly expectorant.  Good for offerings.  Plant prefers fast-draining, dryish soils and full sun.  Sow in spring.  30 seeds per packet, open pollinated

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