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Jerusalem Cherry (Solanum pseudocapsicum), packet of 20 seeds, organic

Jerusalem Cherry (Solanum pseudocapsicum) (Shan-hu-yin) seed
Hardiness:  to 20 degrees F
Erect evergreen perennial subshrub native to South America.  The cold-hardiness is a definite plus!  It withstands some pretty cold weather and still looks great!  Very pretty plant, quite miniature in nature, especially suited for low bedding plant applications or container culture with flowers of white or mauve giving way to the conspicuous, rounded, bright red fruits. We cconsider these to be mainly decorative, although enterprising visitors have eaten them with no apparent ill effects. Plant prefers full sun to light shade, regular garden soil, and for all intents and purposes may be propagated by seed as per tomatoes.  30 seeds per packet for $2.95, organic

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